Flavour Says Marriage Is A Distraction For Him

A few years back, some fans referred to Chinedu Okoli popularly known as Flavour as gay due to his new body, and his posting of semi-naked pictures of himself on Instagram.

Amidst this, Flavour once posted a picture of himself and Peter Okoye’s Psquare hanging out and it got some fans talking. They actually said it was confirmed that he is gay and Peter is his partner.

Of course, Flavour debunked such rumours just as he has been doing but his interview on Hip TV might spark another Flavour-is-gay hashtag as he explains why he is not married and how it is a distraction for him.

See what he says in an interview with Hip TV:

“Marriage is not a thing you just go into. This music business is a serious business. In my own opinion, if you are in that peak of yours, you don’t need no distraction.

For now, I think marriage could be a distraction for me. You know… it’s a big institution that you have to be fully prepared. You have to know what you are into getting into.

And right now, it’s not so easy for the boy.

Most of my colleagues whenever, whenever they get married everything starts crashing down.

I keep asking, have you even seen a successful musician having a home and a good career?

When you get inside, you see it’s not easy”.

Nigerians, in consideration of the fact that Flavour is supposed to be a model to to-be-husbands/singers or to-be-wives/singers.

What is our take on this?

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