Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal In Colombia

It’s been a controversial issue around the world, different debates and argument over same-sex marriage.

Although some countries like Nigeria, Algeria, Gambia, Morocco, Senegal, Kuwait, Myanmar among others have made it clear that they do not support the act, other countries like India, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Argentina and a whole lot more countries have changed their perspective of the same-sex marriage issue.

Yesterday, the same-sex marriage was legalized in Colombia, the act was legalized by Colombia's constitutional court. The legalization of same-sex marriage was celebrated nationwide, partners carried flags and made merry as they can now fit into the society not having to hide the fact that they are homosexuals.

The act which has been discriminated so much in so many countries has been saddening to people who actually are of that gender base, in some parts of America over time, there have restrictions on letting homosexuals do certain things, attend certain functions or religious gatherings while in other countries where it is not allowed at all, they are bitten and sometimes even killed.

Homosexuals are usually not accepted in every society have gone through series of attempts to break into the society and live like normal people. They have suffered a lot of verbal assaults and bullying of which have grown into homophobic fear and have led to a series of health and social disorder.

It has also been reported that in some countries, homosexuals have been denied proper medical attention based on their status, and denied justice for it as even the courts show discrimination. In many parts where they are not accepted, homosexuals are forced to go into hiding for fear of being taunted or bullied  with full knowledge that will not get justice from the authorities.

Gay partners in the country can now get married in normal traditional ways like in the court, or in churches and settle down like other heterosexual couples.

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