My Husband Takes Cocaine - Tiwa Savage

In an interview Tiwa Savage granted to Pulse TV, she highlighted a number of issues she's been dealing with in the relationship with her husband. Here are the top 10 issues she raised:

  1. TeeBillz steals her money,once collected an appearance fee and never turned it in.

  2. TeeBillz cheats on her having stumbled on messages they exchanged after an all night romp

  3. TeeBillz takes cocaine and she caught him in the acting not just a hearsay.

  4. TeeBillz is jealous of her success and is obviously not happy she's the bread winner of the family.

  5. TeeBillz always says he made her, constantly saying she was nothing before he met her.

  6. TeeBillz takes loans which she has to pay back and was even scared for her life that the creditors may kidnap her or her son.

  7. TeeBillz buys things on credit only for the creditors to threaten making the debt public, forcing her to pay.

  8. TeeBillz has never spent on his son always complaining that he has no money but do spend on himself.

  9. TeeBillz was unconcerned even when she had a miscarriage

  10. TeeBillz keeps late nights and is a liar.

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