10 Nigerian Celebs Who Would Fare Better In Other Professions

Every once in a while when you see some celebs and popular politicians acting in a certain way sometimes inconsistent with their current profession or public standing, one wonders what they would have become had they not gone into what they are doing presently. Let’s take a popular non-Nigerian celeb for example, everyone knows that Snoop Dogg would probably have been a drug peddler had he not made it big through music. Luiz Suarez would probably have become a kick-boxer or mafia enforcer. Now let’s come back home. We have them in droves and the purpose of this write up is to see what some of our celebs would have become, if not for what they currently do and the providence that they ended up doing it well...or as in the case of a certain character called Vic O, not so well. For some, they just ended up playing a role so well that you can’t but believe that was what they lived as in their first coming… Lets go… Check the Next Page to See.
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