He Raped Me Again -

In the first and second episodes of this my very long life story, I told of how my aunt came from the city to take me away from the village, promising to make my life better. Little did I know that my lovely smiling aunt was far from lovely as I ended up in Warri more as a maid than a niece. I also told of how I met a "Big Daddy" and how he defiled me. The pain and anguish won't end as early as I thought. He came again...

I was awake when he approached my door, but as soon as I heard the sound of the door opening, I knew he was the one and quickly looked the other way, pretending I was asleep.
“Common! Don’t waste my time. Wake up”.
He shook me vigorously but I just lay there pretending.
“Chai! This girl would allow everybody know now”.
“Yes! That was the information I wanted to get”. I thought.

I was a small girl and they usually told me stories about how adults don’t lie or do evil and I wanted to confirm if he knew he did something inappropriate. ‘Very inappropriate!’

When he got tired and was about to stand from bed to go back, I called out to him to sit. Did I call I out to him? Yes I did and till today I still don't know why I didn't just let him walk away with his lecherous self.

“Why were you planning to wake your aunty? You want her to beat you this night right?”
“Big Daddy. I have pains. I am confused. I don’t know why you did that to me that night”.
“See… you cannot understand now. It is when you are an adult”.
“But Big Daddy, I have been bleeding and that place has been paining me”.
“Oh! I understand”. He almost laughed out loud. “You are beginning to menstruate”.
“Big Daddy what is the meaning of that?”
“It is the release of blood when a girl reaches maturity”.

I wonder now how he would have explained menstruation to me that way – bad teacher!
“But Big Daddy, I have pains. Will it continue till I die?”
“No. In fact, what will happen now is, we would redo what happened that night and all the pain will go”.
“Don’t shout oo. Remember your aunty”.
“But Big Daddy, I am still confused. This thing did not happen before that night, why now?”
“Maybe the blood was looking for a way out”.
“Big Daddy, is that how adults go through pain when they get to my age. I mean did my aunty also go through this pain?”
“It happens to every girl”.
I look back and I ask Big Daddy in abstraction and murmured under my breath,

“You mean every little girl is being raped by animals such as you. And these animals give them the menstruation story”.
“Your questions are too much. Let me help you remove the pain. Just remove your skirt and your pant”.
“Big Daddy…”
“Don’t worry, all the pain will go by tomorrow”.

It took him lesser time than the previous time to remove his clothes. This time, he didn’t put his fingers; he went in straight with his penis. And when I tried to cry, he promised me heaven on earth.
When he finished, he almost ran out of my room. I lay there weeping again.
My aunty saw me the next morning and noticed that I was crying but as usual, thought I was playing pranks, so I would not do the chores.

“You better clean your eyes, and do your chores well if don’t want me to beat hell out of you today”.
“Aunty…I …”
“This girl… it seems you want to be beaten this morning? Common!”

I could not bear the pain. I went into the bathroom and washed the blood away. I didn’t want to bleed from somewhere else; because my aunt guarantees that I bleed before she leaves me.
I was lost.
I cried while I did everything that day. I got to school but couldn’t stay in class. I was in the toilet all through school hours. No friend even asked after me.
When school had closed I ran to the house and met Big Daddy. I greeted him but he gave me the same attitude like the first time.

“Big Daddy…”

He cuts me off like I was some street urchin. I entered my room. I then knew that I had to bear this pain alone. What was I to do? When I was taking a shower I notice that there was a tear in my vagina. My aunty would not listen to me. Big Daddy? God forbid! Friends in school? Not an option.
I was alone. In the midst of people but alone and lonely, I said to self. Very lonely then tears started dropping from my eyes, all over again.
To be continued…

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