Families Attend Deflowering Ceremony Of Their Siblings?!

When a man is to have sex with his wife/girlfriend, it is usually kept a secret to both parties, except for young boys who might want to brag about it. But, what we don't know is, it's not everywhere.

In Singapore some families have practiced a funny tradition over the years and unfortunately they still practice it, but it wasn't known to the world until a picture emerged online.

The family members are said to always come together to attend the deflowering event to a family member. The uncle who immortalized the moment, was reported to have told reporters: "Most people find it strange, but for our family, there is nothing more rewarding than to celebrate the deflowering of his son, his brother or nephew ".  It was this same uncle who monitored the ceremony.

Being that he also went through this ritual, the man knows how important the support of his family is at this intimate moment. "To have my family with me to accompany me made me less nervous. It has even been giving me advice on how to proceed. At first I had trouble penetrating my girlfriend, but my mother suggested I go more smoothly and relax, so I was finally allowed to enter into it." 

On the photo published on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, there is a mother and a sister bedside a young man of about 20 years and a 19 year old girl to encourage him and give him advice.

The shot was taken at the moment of orgasm as explained by the uncle: "I took the picture just before he enjoys. It really was a beautiful scene. "

Seriously ... how would you feel about this?

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