5 Signs That You Might Be Obsessed With Yourself 

1. You have hard time talking about someone other than yourself:   When was the last time you had a long conversation about someone else? A conversation where you didn’t once mention yourself? If you’re full of yourself you have a hard time with this. When someone else is talking, you’re thinking about how to top their story with your own experience. You can’t wait to speak up. When you succeed, you make sure everyone knows. You want people to know how brilliant you are.

2. You always present the best version of yourself:  We all do this to some extent. If you’re struggling, you can’t open every conversation with how bad your life actually is. That’s just not good, If you’re full of yourself, you have a hard time confessing your sins. You have a hard time being honest about your struggles. You want people to like you. You want to be seen as amazing.

3. You feel threatened by others’ success:  How do you feel when someone else succeeds? What do you do when someone else is better than you? If you’re full of yourself, you feel threatened. It’s difficult to celebrate others when all you care about is being at the top. Rather than celebrating others, you compete with them. God forbid you compliment them or encourage them. Life is a competition and you must win at all costs.

4. You don’t know how to listen When was the last time you listened to someone else? And I mean, really listen? It’s common for our minds to be elsewhere when someone else is talking. We look around the room. We think about other things. We don’t pay attention. Good listening involves centering our attention upon another and investing in them. Self-centered people don’t have time for this.

5. You worry excessively about what people think When you’re obsessed with yourself, you seek to protect your reputation at all costs. The opinions of others are most important to you. You want everyone to compliment you, talk about you, and have a high view of you. You may even think about what people might be thinking about you.

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