Janet Solomon's Diary - Episode 11

The moon hadn’t started it’s tour when my thoughts became overcrowded with thoughts on how to get to deal with him. I needed inspiration but all I got were birds singing and ‘disturbing’ my thoughts.

I had seen the man that crept into my soul and ate up all the apples, leaving the bacteria and fungi for Steve and his people. I would have summoned the black angels to give me inspiration but my nerves were already hotter than fire. No exaggeration.

This was one of the times my eyes remained open all through the night. Sleep was nowhere to be found. Girls went out and came back through the night but didn’t even notice I was awake. What was their business anyway?

I tried talking to Steve to make sure I continually see Big Daddy, but it seemed I had pulled out a knife from my back pocket and cut a lock of his hair. He gave me the expression of someone who was looking for an opportunity to vent his anger  and asked why I wanted that. I told him not to worry, that I only wanted more customers for the factory. I was used to his ‘you-should-be-afraid’ face and so replied with ease.

He felt, slowly, at ease, then asked again. He wanted to be sure.

Since that was solved, I began thinking of ways to get to convince Big Daddy, but my head was blank. All that was in my head was to hack him to death, or do something that would hurt him so very much that he would beg me at the end.

As those thoughts whirled in my head, it dawned on me that I could use him as an escape route, but it seemed like a suicide attempt. I really had to leave the factory. I was gradually getting to a stage where I won’t be able to produce babies anymore, and that meant death was fast approaching. Eseme might not still be around for me, but Big Daddy was a ‘BIG’ project I needed to start.

I would have sought the advice of some girls that have become my friends, but we weren’t allowed to gossip, or chat for longer periods than three minutes. Steve said they were afraid of another revolution. It had happened before.

The best possible way was to keep my most trusted friend close by and then be able to communicate with her. But she had never mentioned escaping, and so, I didn’t know how she was going to take it. but, having someone you can trust, I know, is a huge motivation factor and so I tried getting to her, that would mean moving to her room.

I then met this scary looking girl that everyone talked about in the compound, summoned the courage and told her:

“Abeg, make we exchange room. I know say you get friends for my room, e go good if you go there, so you go dey gist with them”.

The girl felt elated and immediately agreed. This was the first step. It surprised me though.
Ranti was first surprised how it is I convinced that girl to switch rooms, considering she was a stubborn girl and doesn’t listen to anyone. But Ranti remembered she liked being in the factory, and would agree to anything that would help her have fun.

“See, no be that one bring me here. The thing be say I meet the man wey first rape me for my life and I wan connect with am, use am escape from this place, and revenge all the bad things the man do for my life”.

She felt some movement from another corner and asked me to stop talking. There were girls who were self-imposed spies, so they get favours. When she was sure that the girl wasn’t awake, she asked:

“Shey you know say that na dangerous thing? For my time here, I don see seven girls wey dem kill because of that kind thing”.

“Na wetin make me come meet you be that. I want make we do am together. I know say you get experience and you fit teach me how to do am”.

“Me ke? I no wan try am oo! But I go fit teach you. I don know the strategies wey the other girls use, so you use another style”.

A security guard was passing and as I wanted to talk I shut up. He noticed that some girls were talking and entered the room. but when he came in, he noticed everyone sleeping. 

Then said:

“If I catch the girls wey no wan sleep, na my koboko I go use teach am lesson. I dey kuku find one scape goat this night. See time and una still dey gossip. Make I catch you first”.

He spent some time at the door before he left, but he warned again that if he hears any sound from the room again, he would purnish every girl in the room.

Ranti asked that we lower our voices further as she doesn’t wish to go through any sex-marathon ordeal in the middle of the night. The last time it happened, some girls didn’t survive it.

“Na you go start the way. You go first convince the man say you just wan see outside the wall of this place. I no even know wetin you wan tell am but, you suppose know na. When you do that one, you go then convince your manager say you wan upgrade your work here, dey help am bring in girls from ya area. Hope you know say na kill you go kill the man if you wan escape? Because the customers wey dey come here dey always sign say dem no go cause gbege, so if any girl wan escape dem go just call them”.

“Na wetin I wan do be that na. Na escape and kill I wan do”. I already knew that would be a hard thing, but I had to try.

“Good. Just make sure say dem no know say I plan this thing with you”.

“No worry”.

“Na how to convince the man and your manager be the thing now. No make mistake hint am say na escape be that oo. If him know, dem go lock you for that room 101, dey fuck you every hour till you die”.

“Hmmm… I go think well well wetin go make am dey convinced”.

“Dem too dey fear the owners of this place. Dem talk say those people dey use jazz, so if any of them wan escape or if dem no make sure any girl no escape, na jazz dem go use make am mad. Abi you think say all the boys wey mad for street na brain problem?”

I smiled a little and asked:

“So all of us dey the same pot sef? Our own even better, we go just die”.

“No be like that everytime oo. If the owners know say any girl don mess up, dem dey do the same thing. Na the boys dey punish the girls so dem no go know”.

“Na wa oo. I dey this place all these years and I no know all these things”.

“Shaa plan your way well. Immediately you run comot for here, kill the man”.

“Sharp sharp!”

“Make we sleep now, dem tell us say we go cut the grass for that field and that place no be joke”.

“Chai! Na only two things we dey do for here. How person wan take… Goodnight my friend”.

“Goodnight dear”.

Sleep wasn’t for me till probably around 5:00am. I was only thinking of what I would tell those ‘fuck-dependent’ duo. They actually have the same characteristics. Only that one was quite older than the other and was now impotent.

“Good for him! When he was raping young girls, he didn’t know one of them would eventually do something to him. Because I don’t want to believe he just lost his penis because he was ‘too’ sexually active” I thought to myself.

“His impotence is just the beginning. Maybe he shouldn’t have come here”.

When it was time for us to wake, I hadn’t slept ten minutes but of course, I had to get up. Ranti noticed I hadn’t slept and told me it wasn’t a good idea.

We worked all day and after that I tried to reach Steve, but he wasn’t in the compound.

“Hope he hasn’t gone forever”. I thought. But I overheard the security guards talking about how many girls Steve was going to bring ‘home’. They argued over his handsomeness and overwhelming nature that makes him convince the girls so easily, like he did with me.

So I waited days for him.

To be continued…

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