20-Year-Old Paedophile Arrested In Lagos 

20-year-old Bassey Johnson has been arrested for allegedly luring children into his room in Egbeda, Lagos, with cartoon shows on cable network, and then raping them.

According to the police, Bassey who hails from Akwa Ibom State, met his waterloo when one of his victims, a four-year-old girl, complained of pains in her private part to her mother. When the toddler was interrogated, she mentioned Johnson’s name and her parents invited the police.
Johnson was immediately arrested and upon interrogation, blamed the devil for his action.

Vanguard quotes the suspect as saying; “This is the devil’s handwork. I am indeed very sorry for my action. I did not know that the offence is this grave. When I came back from an outing on Saturday, I tuned my television set to a cartoon station. Immediately, the children in the compound heard the sound, they rushed inside to watch. I took my clothes, which I had washed the previous day, to the line and when I came back, I sat on the bed and carried one of the children on my lap. That is how I do it. After some time, as my conscience started pricking me, I dropped her. The children later went out when there was power cut. But the child’s mother later called me and asked what I did to her daughter. I opened up but maintained that I did not penetrate.” 

Clinical check on the victim revealed that her hymen was broken, indicating that there was penetration.

Bassey who just completed his apprenticeship as a welder has been transferred from Egbeda Division to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, SCIID, Yaba.

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