Blame Teachers For Nigeria's Bad Leaders - Former House Of Reps Speaker 

Former Speaker, House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole has said that bad teachers are responsible for the bad leadership Nigeria is currently having.

Bankole said this while speaking at the 2016 Registry Day of the Federal College of Education, FCE, Abeokuta.

“The future is not looking good. There is a major problem. The government cannot pay salary and pension. If Nigeria is bad today. If we have leadership problem , it is because of the bad teachers. Nigeria needs to be rebranded”, he said.

Bankole further said: “If we are selecting poorer academic performers to train and teach our students, how can we expect our students to be high achievers,if all through their formative academic years, they are separated from the brightest   minds and not forced to push themselves past the standards and achievements of individuals who are unable to gain admission into university?,” He said

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