Drama As Referee & Player Fight Dirty Over Red Card Decision  [VIDEO]

Whenever a football referee made headlines its definitely not for the good reason, some controversial decision might have happen.

Football lovers in the earlier years used to witness referees vs players fights but all that have became history in modern day football as decisive disciplinary measures have being introduced to the game by the football governing body, FIFA.

But is is surprising to witness the re-emergence of football pitch fight between referees and players.
Although one may argue that, it is one of the occupational hazards of refereeing job.

Earlier this year, an Argentine footballer, incensed at being sent off, pulled out a gun and shot a referee Oscar Flores dead.

Similar to their South American neighbours, Brazilian football fans shocked the world in 2013 when they killed a referee and put his head on a wooden stake, hence it came as no surprise when another ref in the Brazilian Clausura pulled out a gun during a match last year. They grow wiser.

Zimbabwean football, happened to be the latest setting for football-gone-crazy as things got ugly during a Southern Division One league tie over the weekend.

The match between Amagagasi and Victoria Falls Tigers turned into a slugfest after a Tigers player was shown red by the referee.

And he reacted by unleashing a barrage of punches on the stunned referee who, after one punch too many, reacted in kind until both sets of players prevailed on the situation. So much for the rules of the game and fair play.

Watch the video below;

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