I'm Sorry For My Anti-Gay Comments - Bobrisky Apologizes To Bisi Alimi & Other Gay Friends 

Controversial social media personality, Bobrisky has finally apologized to Nigeria's gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi over his statement about supporting the anti-gay law.

In case you missed it, the bleaching cream expert and gender bender was brutally slammed by Bisi Alimi a few days ago after he stated during an interview that he totally supports Nigeria’s anti-gay law which comes with a 14 year jail sentence for those found guilty.

His comments prompted Alimi to go on his Instagram page and call out Bobrisky, saying he will educate him on how his bigoted and hateful comments are putting gay people at risk.

Now Bobrisky is offering his heartfelt apology to Bisi Alimi and all his gay fans. He also stated that he made some of his gay and bisexual friends feel bad because of his statement.

While Bobrisky consistently denies the widespread suspicions and rumours that he only wears women’s clothes, as well as makeup for fun, and as a business tool, this apology could set a few people wondering if he is truly not a gay as claimed.

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