Janet Solomon's Diary - Episode 13

Then on this particular day…

He left me alone in the house, saying he wanted to travel out of the country for a seminar. 

“You know you can’t go anywhere. My guards will kill you if you try. So don’t bother trying”. He said, giving me that ‘if-you-try-it-look’.

“I no fit go anywhere na. Who no like better thing? I go come leave all this come run?”

He left only two guards in the house, and that made me more convinced that this was the time. 

I started with trying to get some things out of his house. And so, I started searching. Not only was Big Daddy careless with girls, he was also careless with documents. At least, he didn’t lock them up in one underground locker. 

I put everything in my bag; the documents to most of his properties, his cheque books, documents that could implicate him if released to the public, even a little journal where he wrote his experiences. It took me about two nights to make sure I wasn’t gathering stuff that was irrelevant. I didn’t understand what was written in those documents, but I sensed which was important to him.

He made a big mistake trusting me too much.

The next thing I needed to do was find a way to go through the murderous-looking guards.
But before then, I spent another two days strategizing how I was to finish him up finally, and so I came up with the idea of employing someone that was a computer guru. Getting one was quite easy, I knew that. All I needed to do was get into a cyber café and ask, offering big money for whoever is interested. 

As I got to the gate, the guards gathered round me, asking what I was planning to do. 

Especially as I was with a bag. I had no idea what I wanted to tell them, so I just continued to tease them until I noticed Steve and one other person at the gate. 

I was scared to the bones. How were they able to locate this place, and why at this moment?

The guards left me and went to the gate to inquire who was there. Steve sounded like he was very angry, asking that they open the gate or he shoots them down, pretending he was a police man. Out of whatever you may call it, fear, inquisition; they allowed them in.

“Where is the owner of the house and the girl that’s with him?”

I was already in a corner hiding from all of them. 

“Oga no dey but e be like say the girl don enter”. One of them said looking round.

“Let’s go there. It’s her we actually came to arrest”.

I smiled out of fear. Steve? Police? How interesting.

I watched them closely as they walked towards the house, making sure they weren’t looking back, I ran out. Not quickly seeing me they took it as a shadow passing. But Steve’s friend said ‘that’s not a shadow’. So they followed.

If I say I ran almost as fast as a horse that day, you can say I wasn’t lying because am not exaggerating. They chased me on foot and that was an advantage for me. We ran for close to fifteen minutes, and I was kind of feeling exhausted. But this wasn’t the time for lazy thoughts.

Steve kept shouting, saying he would shoot me if I don’t stop. I was sure that won’t happen, at least not in public view. I felt I was going to win this.

I was running straight and they were getting too close, so I crossed the road, shouting at me and in what seemed like grace from Heaven, Steve was knocked down by a bus that was on high speed. His friend stopped trying to help him. That was it, I escaped.

It seemed I was dreaming, but it was real. I escaped. 

I saw some money in Big Daddy’s locker which I used to take a taxi far away from that area, far away from the factory and far away from where Steve first met me. I was going to go back there to look for Eseme, but I first needed to gather myself. 

Upon getting to an unknown destination, I asked him to take me to an irregular hotel, and then asked if he could help me find someone that knew so much about computers, I actually needed a hacker. He said he knew no one but could help me get someone who knows someone. I paid him more money than he imagined and he promised me he was coming back with a computer guru.

He came back two days after with someone that looked crooked, but I invited him in and told him immediately what I needed. I paid off the driver and warned him not to tell anyone he saw me.

After explaining everything to him, the guru said we first needed to sell the houses, then we can start redirecting the money to accounts that we would open in foreign countries. He said he had some friends abroad that would help with that. 

It took us about six days to sell all the houses because we sold them at incredibly cheap prices. People were desperate and didn’t care why the properties were that cheap. The money paid was nowhere in any bank around and so I was safe. 

The next thing was to kill Big Daddy and this is how I did it.

I called his phone and asked him to listen to a gift from me. He was still out of the country but his number was on the roaming service. 

He called back immediately and said I couldn’t do anything with that, threatening to kill me and my whole generation. Then I gave him the news of his properties. It was then that he changed his mind about what I could do.

I had at that point hired another that would watch Big Daddy’s movement once he comes back. At least that would give me information on exactly how to make sure there was no mistake.

He called me as soon as he got back, knowing I wasn’t telling lies.

“Please babe, don’t do this. You know I placed my trust in you. Don’t do this, I beg of you”. In a rather sweet voice.

I only smiled at his folly and asked:

“But wait oo, you mean say you no recognise me at all?”

“No I don’t. Please just come over and we share the properties in half. I give you half”. That sounded convincing.

“See, I no get time for this. You see that recording? You go give me  270 million naira or I distribute am go everywhere. I get those documents about those contracts too”.

“Haaaa!!! Please don’t do that. Let’s discuss this”.

“Na now you dey talk”.

“But that your demand is quite high”.

“Na grammar you dey speak. You get only 18 hours to transfer the money to the account wey I go send now or else, the recording don…”

“Wait wait, don’t say that. Let me gather the money please”.

After about five hours, he called back saying he had only 200 million.

“E be like say you think say I dey joke abi? Your time dey go oo”.

“But that’s what I have, unless you sell one of the houses and get the money from there”.

“Big Daddy, 270 million or nothing”.

There was silence on the other side for a while, then he continued:

“There’s only one place I remember am being called Big Daddy. Are you…”

“Abeg abeg! Infact na one hour remain for you to send that money”.

“This one no good oo”.

“So you sabi pidgin?” I said to myself.

I hung the phone and sent the account number. In about fifteen minutes, I received the alert of 250 million and sent a message to him that it was remaining 20 million adding that he had only ten minutes to send the rest. He sent it and sent another message asking if he could get back the documents to his properties. I asked him to go ask the new owners of the properties.

The next day, my informant told me Big Daddy was rushed to the hospital but he wasn’t certain of the cause. He later found out that Big Daddy attempted suicide and when his guards tried to stop him, he had a heart attack.

I was free from Steve who was probably dead, the factory owners who don’t know my identity and can’t start a search especially without Steve. 

I was very happy that the only thing that happened to me through all these, was a minor injury in my ankle as I hit a stone while running from Steve and losing Big Daddy’s baby. It seemed like a movie but when the computer guru (I never knew his name) calculated all the money we had managed to acquire, it was running close to a billion. 

But, Big Daddy was a politician and could come out of the troubles I put him through, so I released the tape and all the implicative documents. I made sure all the bloggers, media houses got it. 

I still followed Big Daddy’s activities and found out he was arrested, tried and sent to life imprisonment. The police were lucky or would I say I was lucky to have witnesses from everywhere who testified against Big Daddy.

I paid a huge sum to the spy but that was nothing compared to what I had in my hands. I also paid off the guru, who was already telling me he had feelings for me. He didn’t know Eseme existed.

Freedom is sure sweeter than sex. This I knew after all that happened.

Then I planned the next move…


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