Meet The Man Who Is Unable to Have Sex Because His 'Thing' Has Grown As Big As A Baby (Graphic Video)

Adverts are everywhere now, asking men to enlarge their penises, and many would sure turn around when they hear the story of this man.

Kenyan Sorence Owiti Opiyo, 20, has a penis which hasgrown to at least ten times the average size, and doctors have no idea why.In what is believed to be the only case in the country, a rare disease has caused the young man’s manhood to swell to an unbelievable size.

It means he can't have children as he dreams, as his voracious manhood has made life hell for him.

He even had to drop out of school after being constantly bullied about the size of his manhood, which has stopped him from living anything like a normal life.

He was only ten years old when he noticed that something was wrong, when a boil-like swelling started to grow between his legs.

Sorence is set to undergo operation at Jaramogi Oginga hospital in Kisumu, as medics resort to surgery to keep the swollen penis in check.

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