Nigerian Doctor Suspended For Making Sexual Comments To Female Patients 

A Canadian medical tribunal has found Nigerian doctor, Adekunle Williams Owolabi, guilty of all four professional misconduct complaints lodged against him and ordered that his license to practice be suspended for six months. The tribunal heard of how Owolabi made sexual comments to some of his female patients who came to him for medical examination.

At the hearing, one of his victims, Arlene Johnson, testified that when she visited Owolabi for a pelvic examination, he made comments that she believed were sexual. She alleged that after the test, he hugged her and whispered in her ear: "You have a beautiful c--t, does your husband tell you that?" Another complainant testified that during a pelvic examination, Owolabi asked, "Do you like big ones or small ones?" She said Owolabi made the comments while she was pregnant, undressed from the waist down, and had her feet in stirrups. There were two female secretaries in the room at the time, she said.

The tribunal said Owolabi's inappropriate comments and touching of patients showed a lack of respect for the dignity and privacy of patients, which constituted professional misconduct that is deserving of a sanction. He was given a six-month suspension of his medical licence. The tribunal ordered that he have a chaperone present when he sees female patients for two years after returning to practice.

In addition, he must take a training course about respecting patients and was ordered to pay $75,000 towards the costs of holding a hearing. After the hearing Owolabi's lawyer Paul Stokes said they are "disappointed with the decision".

Source: Global News

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