Seven New Features Of FIFA 17 You Would Love

7. Customized stadiums
If EA Sports started to pay more attention to stadiums in FIFA 17, that would be great. One of the cons of playing in Career Mode is the fact that no matter how you well do, you will still play the games in the same stadium. In the real world, if a team produces great performances and makes progress in the league, they renovate their stadiums in order to increase revenue and fan base- it’s Marketing 101.If EA Sports could that that in FIFA 17, players would be even more addicted to the game. Unfortunately, adding new and complex game mechanics would be very costly for EA.

6. Customizable kits and shirt sponsors

In the real world, clubs spend millions of dollars to market the new kits. Unveiling the new kits has become one of the most exciting part of the game. The bad thing about FIFA 17 is that you can play Career Mode for several seasons, but kits and sponsors remain the same. Elite teams have three or even four kits each season. Just imagine if players could pre-select kits in FIFA 17, or maybe just have the option of creating them from scratch. Alas, that’s probably not going to happen. It has to do primarily with the nature of contract agreements between EA Sports and sponsors.

5. Including non-league teams


Remember when FIFA added the Championship, League One and League Two back in the 2000s? It was perhaps one of the most exciting news back in the day, and now fans want the same thing in FIFA 17. Just imagine how great it would be to play smaller teams from the lower tiers; you could explore and maybe find amazing players (Jamie Vardy, the Leicester City star, played in non-league football a couple of years ago). The drama of relegation battle, playing in muddy pitches and the whole menagerie of lower league football; it’s just an exhilarating experience. Sadly, this would be too much work for EA Sports -too many semi-professional players and not much time. 

4. Include studio pundits

Punditry has become an important of football. It doesn’t matter when the game kicks off- if you can watch or hear pundits discuss about the game in a studio, you’re even more thrilled to watch the game. Players want to be entertained; hearing the same songs over and over again just won’t it. FIFA could try to add punditry to the game, something that would certainly appeal to many players. Unfortunately, this won’t happen anytime soon. For one thing, hiring popular pundits means spending more money. Just like any other business, EA Sports wants to keep costs to a minimum. 

3. Chance to have reserve leagues


Just when everyone thought FIFA would work more towards developing young talents and maybe create reserves leagues, the new FIFA 17 game is a disappointment in that respect. Young and talented players are reduced to some basic menus, and there’s no way you can choose from a wide range of promising youngsters. Every player retires at some point, so it makes sense to have a pool of talents. Just imagine if you had a reserve league: plenty of young talented players to choose from, statistics and all the necessary data to make a smart decision. Unfortunately, this won’t happen in FIFA 17. 

2. Option to download leagues  

If there is one thing that players absolutely love to have in FIFA, the option to download leagues would be number one on their wish list. Just think about it: who doesn’t want to have more leagues to play with? If FIFA could make them downloadable, they would certainly profit from it. Players would have to buy other leagues such as the Indian Super League or the Welsh Premier League. Unfortunately, EA won’t make this happen in FIFA 17. They just want to sell some leagues as extra content. Ever wondered why FIFA doesn’t include all national teams? They wouldn’t profit from it. 


1.      Choosing commentators 

What is that one thing in FIFA which ruins the whole experience? Having to listen to a commentator you can’t stand, that is certainly a deal breaker for most players. Fans at least want to have the chance to choose from a wide range of commentators. FIFA have teamed up with great commentators in the likes of Martin Tyler, Alan Smith, Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend. Fans obviously want to change commentators from time to time, but that probably won’t happen in FIFA 17. Commentators like Tyler and Smith are under contract with EA. Moreover, adding more commentators and recording their lines would mean more work and more money.


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