Timaya And Empress Hangout After Disturbing The Internet With Their Break Up

The Nigerian singer, Timaya, and Nollywood, Empress Njamah, were seen hanging out together after their 'disturbing' break-up that raised eyebrows.

If we can recall the interview with Timaya, where he called Empress and the lengths he went to 'tag' Empress' name, one would never have thought they would ever be seen again.

Empress is not that important to talk about. I gave her money to buy a car, she didn’t buy it, she was always driving my car before we broke up and I went to collect my car back not the money I gave her to use in buying the car. So, she is like a thief. We were dating and I gave you money to buy a car and you didn’t buy it instead you were using my car and since we’re not dating again she should be able to return my car now. During our courtship, I once told her that I don’t like feeling like a fool. Nobody likes to be talking for a suck, she took me as one but I fought it.

But, as it is, they have gone over all the issues of the past and are most likely friends again, just as Timaya posted on IG:

It's always a pleasure seeing u my dear friend. EMPEE.

See picture below:

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