Witch Turns Woman's Breast Into Biltong To Avenge Attack On Grandchild.

An alleged village witch who drew first blood had her breast turned into biltong before she died in a revenge mission in an incident that has left villagers in Mzondiwa village, Mberengwa in Zimbabwe stunned.

According to B-Metro, the deceased, Rosemary Chitogwa, had secretly breastfed 76-year-old, Kilian Ratidzo Tomu's 6-month old granddaughter, and as a result, the baby started vomiting every time her mother tried to breast feed her and surprisingly, the doctors could not find out what was wrong.

The grandmother then reportedly took it upon herself to find out the cause and discovered Chitogwa had bewitched the child by breastfeeding her. As part of the revenge mission, she bewitched Chitogwa and one of her breasts mysteriously dried up. Chitogwa, aware of her actions, was left with no choice but to confront Tomu accusing her of bewitching her.

The two women exchanged harsh words and Chitogwa’s family reported the matter to chief Nyamhondo as her health condition deteriorated. Chief Nyamhondo confirmed the reports.

“The two women appeared before me and after narrating what had happened, Tomu confessed that she bewitched Chitogwa. She said she was revenging because it pained her to see her granddaughter suffering because of Chitongwa’s actions. 

"However, she promised to reverse the move and heal Chitogwa, but she failed until the woman passed away. Tomu was fined four goats for her behavior and Chitogwa was expected to appeal before the courts after recovering but unfortunately she died."

Tomu also confirmed the reports and made it clear that at the time she bewitched Chitogwa it was out of bitterness. “We were shocked when my grand-daughter started vomiting after being breast-fed and even when we tried giving her fresh milk, she did the same. Assuming that she was not well, we took her to hospital, but they did not find any problem and she was said to be okay. As difficult as it was I then decided to consult traditional healers and that’s where I was told what had transpired and as [part of revenge I had to do what I did resulting in her breast becoming dry. I just wanted her to come and confess and reveal her mission,” said Tomu.

She said that when they appeared before Chief Nyamhondo, she had promised to help Chitogwa, but later failed. “I failed to reverse the move because after months my grand-daughter had become used to not being breastfed and it was no longer possible to help her. It is unfortunate that her family now hates me but they should also consider that Chitogwa is the one who started the whole thing,” she said.

Tomu is expected to appear before Chief Nyamhondo so the case could be concluded as Chitogwa’s family are calling for her eviction from the village.

Source: B-Metro

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