10 Cities In The World With Terrible Traffic 

For those of us who think traveling around Lagos is the worse thing that could happen, because of the traffic and with bikes and NAPEP everywhere, we say welcome to the club because, you haven't seen anything. Below you is a list of cities with the worse traffic in the world and Lagos did not even come in at number at number 10.

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina 

9. Guadalajara, Mexico 

8. Bangkok, Thailand 

7. Rome, Italy 

6. Moscow, Russia 

5. St. Petersburg, Russia  

4. Surabaya, Indonesia 

3. Mexico City, Mexico 

2. Istanbul, Turkey 

And coming in at number one with the worst traffic on the planet is … Jakarta, Indonesia. 

So the next time it seems like you are running late and you just want to fly to work in a jet instead of patiently going with the flow of the traffic, remember there are people who leave home each day but finish their office work right in the car and even close for the day on the same spot.

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