99% Of Lagosians Will Be Homeless By 2018 - Man Narrates Worst Nigerian Situation [VIDEO] 

The Nigerian situation is worrisome, everything is not working, foreigners get the edge when it come to winning big contracts. Everyone seems homeless. If you are not wearing a school uniform and you are carrying a school bag, you are homeless.  These are the words of Olaleye Samson, an unemployed Nigerian youth speaking on the state of the nation with the Sahara Reporters crew in Lagos.

The viral video saw outspoken Samson gave his two cent on how graduates are no longer considered for good jobs but meager ones, like cooks, cleaners guards and the rest, giving instances of how big men erect magnificent buildings in choice areas like Lekki and Banana Island only for it to be abandoned while a lot of people are homeless.

Watch the disturbing video below;

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