Amazing! See What You Could Do With Old News Papers 

Japanese artist Chie Hitotsuyama creates stunning lifelike sculptures of wild animals using only old newspapers and glue. A few larger sculptures include a rhinoceros, gorilla and sea turtle among them are now on display at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History near Los Angeles.

For her creations, Hitotsuyama cuts old newspapers into paper strings that she then tightly rolls up and glues together.

She carefully form contours and curves with each single string, she takes her time to work on the stings till a shape is formed then, eventually gets to finish up one animal in about three month. The artist got inspiration from the wild animals she saw in an African zoo in Zambia. The injured animals she says touched her deeply and made her decide to do work and share the reality of what these animals pass through.

Let's see some of her work;

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