Check Out 5 Everyday Items More Dangerous Than Sharks 

Apart from reports from news and a whole lot of overdramatic horror films, shark attacks are actually very uncommon and rarely ever fatal. In fact only about 4 people die per year in the entire world from shark attacks. In reality, there are tons of everyday items that are more deadly to humans than any of the sharks of the world and here are 5 items that kill more people than sharks

1. A Pen: For people that are often found chewing on everyday objects. One item in particular, pen caps, are a favorite. However, chewing on pen caps causes 100 deaths per year. That’s because a lot of times, people will accidentally inhale the pen cap, which mangled from chewing, gets easily caught in the throat, leading to suffocation and death. That’s 25 times more deaths from pens than from shark attacks.

2. Plastic Bags: 25 children die per year in the US alone of suffocation, let's think of how much more around the world, and this is caused by a plastic bags, especially when parents aren't watching. Kids tend put these bags over their heads during play time in a bid to act as a villain or masquerade but then end up suffocating themselves.

3. Champagne Corks: You know how we love to celebrate good news, go out to a party or club with friend and pop campaign to follow it up, popping champagne bottles can be incredibly deadly. A shocking 24 people die per year from champagne corks.

4. Television: While you are enjoying a good T.V show or freaking yourself out watching a horror movie, just remember your television is way more deadly than than zombie or shark on your T.V. Televisions account for around 30 deaths annually, that is nearly eight times as many deaths as sharks.

5. Candles: No power supply and the next thing we are thinking of is getting a candle? These common item is much more dangerous to people than a lot of other things including sharks. Candles are responsible for 100,000 fires leading to 120 deaths every year, so the next time you go to the market and you want to buy candles just remember candles cause 30 times as many deaths and a get rechargeable lamp or one that uses batteries.

Source: Shark sider

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