Crazy! See 7 Of The Most Unusual Restaurants In The World 

 1. Witches in Britches, Melbourne, Australia: A theatre restaurant which looks like Halloween all year round! Its been catering to Melbourne for over 26 years. Its a quirky restaurant for those who like their food with a side of gothic-style exaggerated theatrics.

2. Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan: Its a toilet-themed restaurant.  The chairs are actual non-functional toilets. The walls have chequered tiles and shower heads. The dishes are served in miniature toilet bowls; the drinks in miniature urinals. Plungers hang from the ceiling as do lights in the shape of faeces.

3. New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad, India: If dining with the dead is your wish, the New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad caters. People eat beside actual graves in this restaurant. The owner, Krishnan Kutti, decided to set up the restaurant accommodating an old Muslim graveyard rather than disturb the final resting place of the unnamed dead. There have been no reports of ghost sightings till now, so it might be worth a visit!

4. Twin Stars Diner, Moscow, Russia: Everyone in this offbeat restaurant in Moscow, every waiter, bartender and chef, is an identical twin. They even have to dress alike. The restaurant, according to the owner Alexei Khodorkovsky, has been inspired by a 1964 Soviet film about, you guess it, twins! Talk about a novel concept!

5. Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, USA: A hospital-themed restaurant. The tagline of this weird restaurant is "taste worth dying for." The most famous item on their menu is the quadruple bypass burger which contains four beef patties and 20 slices of bacon. The waitresses are dressed as nurses and might make you feel a bit better about digging into all that food with shameless abandon.

6. Dinner in the Sky, Various cities: The name is literal. There's a portable table and attached chairs that is hoisted 100 ft above the ground. The table seats 22 people and they watch as a chef prepares their food right in front of them as they hover in mid-air. It started out in Belgium and is now present in cities across the world like Las Vegas, Paris and Malaysia.


Bon apetit.


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