Don't Put Us In Your Beef- Other Dancers Come For Kaffy  (Videos)

It's no longer news that Kaffy recently accused Davido of treating dancers badly, sending them off stage at the recently held 3 Thrones Concert. A video however went viral on the internet showing Davido performing with dancers on stage at the same event.

According to YAWNAIJA, the lead choreographer of the dance group DNMT, Micheal Igbelabo revealed that Davido never sent his dancers off stage.“If he did send them off stage I’ll be the one calling him out”

And while Kaffy hasn't said anything yet, another dancer who has been affiliated with Kaffy comes for her in a new video that just surfaced online.

You Don't Pay Us. You Keep 50 Dancers In One Small Room In Your House. You Deserve Whatever #Davido Did To You. - Dancers tell #Kaffy _ Two days ago, in a fiery Instagram video, Kaffy called out Davido for treating dancers badly and sending them off stage at the just concluded ‘3 Thrones’ concert in Lagos and even went on to call him a ‘motherfucker’. _ Now, a new Facebook video is going viral where some dancers at a rehearsal led by #MichealOmani called out Kaffy. _ In the words of Micheal Omani, ‘I disagree with what Kaffy. If you want to throw shades at anybody, do it without involving dancers because the same thing you said Davido did to you is what you do to us and I bet if dancer vote we’ll vote you out that you are wrong. You call dancers for shows, you don’t pay them, you take dancers to Calabar and you leave them there stranded, call dancers to your house and put 50 people in one room and you travel round the world calling yourself queen of dance in Nigeria. A queen takes care of her followers, you don’t take care of us and you are putting us in your beef.’ #nigerianwomendiary
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