How PSG Lost About 8 Million Fans Since Zlatan Left For United 

Former Sweden International, Jesper Blomqvist has declared that French champions, Paris Saint-Germain have “lost eight million supporters”, after superstar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined Manchester United this summer.

Ibrahimovic left the Capital side at the end of last season after four years and signed for the Premier League side as a free agent .

Blomqvist, also insisted that, PSG have lost more than just a player.

“He is one of the biggest personalities in Sweden,” Blomqvist told the Sun.

“He has launched his own perfume, Volvo cars and his own sports clothing range. He is his own brand. He is everywhere even though he has stopped playing for the national team.

“I work a lot with travel companies in Sweden coming over to Manchester. The interest is just triple. Zlatan is so big in Sweden. I think PSG have lost eight million supporters in Sweden and now they are all Manchester United. Not all but it is like that.

“More planes come over, they sell a lot more tickets to the United games. I have done it every now and then for a couple of years. Now there are 10 times more calls from companies who want me to come over with the supporters.”

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