I Only Put My Manhood In The 12-Year Old's Mouth Not Rape - Arrested Teacher Confesses 

A school teacher Olamilekan Enilolobo, 20, has been arrested by the police for allegedly sexual assaulting a pupil. The suspect said he only put his manhood inside the mouth of his 12-year-old victim.

While being paraded by the Lagos State police spokesperson, Dolapo Badmos, he said: “I usually teach the victim and two others after school at Ikotun. When the girl was brought to my place, I said they should buy a notebook for her but her parents didn’t. .

So, last Wednesday, I gave her an assignment but she didn’t do it. When she came to me on Thursday during school period, I asked if the notebook but she said her mother didn’t give her the money. I told her to go to JSS one class and join the other two girls that I would soon be with them. .

When I was done with my classes, I joined them there and teaching them for the day. My house is not far from the school and my mum had called that I should do the dishes. So, I told the girl to follow me that I would buy the notebook for her at a woman’s shop near my house. .

She followed me down, I bought the book for her and she said she was hungry. In order for her to understand what I would teach, I bought biscuit for her and as I was about to go, the woman said I should bring her bottle which has been with me. .

I told her I would bring it later but she refused and said instead, the girl should follow me to the house so that I would give her the bottle. So, that was how the girl followed me to the house and I took her inside our parlour. I put her on the chair and put my manhood in her mouth.

It just came over me. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t touch her private part. They have done a test and confirmed I didn’t touch there. She didn’t cry and she didn’t complain. But she went home and reported to her parents and they came to the school to complain. .

I know that I have committed a crime and I am guilty. Whatever is my punishment, I would face it and hope God would have mercy on me. I have never done something like this before. I don’t have a girlfriend.”

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