I Started As A Dancer But People Don't Regard Them - Popular AOP, Writes To Support Kaffy 

Nigeria's most popular professional dancer, Kaffy Dance ignited a social media war with music superstar, Davido over how he treated dancers at the just concluded 3 Thrones concert.

Kaffy used some vulgar words on the Sony Music signed act and the viral video has gotten a reaction from an ex professional dancer tuned Cool FM's OAP and hypeman, Do2dtun.

The AOP shared his thought on how dancing career is viewed in Nigeria on his Instagram page while acknowledging some very few artistes for appreciating dancers.

He wrote;

Dancing with the feet is one thing, dancing with the heart is another and that's why you will never know what it feels like to get a move right or even know the almost next to death energy you exert to set yourself free just by busting a few moves. 

Dance was my 1st love and anyone who never knew that, well I was a professional dancer with the passion to always put a Lil more flavor into this craft cos I watched Wade Robinson and Micheal Jackson all my life and I wanted to be like them badly. 

I was with the best. I started a Dance group in school called XTREME where I discovered the badass @donflexx , we danced for the best Dance team "IGNITE" at that time Check out videos like "WHY ME" by Dbanj ... Same Ni by Dj Zeez etc maybe that will convince you. BUT.... sigh! I gave it up for once reason "DISREGARD FOR THE CRAFT" .. it's painful and almost disgusting to see how Artistes, Agencies, Companies see the craft.

 It is the "most needed but the most disrespected craft in Nigerian entertainment" .. I am happy now that, they can even get matching outfits on stage cos then u bring ur own clothes, they will be left at venues with no money and when they pay, it is chicken fee. The artiste or companies will refuse to pay up, tongue-lashing of all sort, some even lose their dignity cos they want to be considered at every gig, they end up giving up their "SELF" as a replacement for a place in the hearts of an artiste or middleman. 

P SQUARE Beyoncé @tiwasavage @iambangalee these artists are just the very few that have set the best benchmark and consider what dancers are to them and treat it with so much respect.

 I have said this a lot in interviews, dancers exert as much energy as a musician cos getting a routine can take days, months, years. ITS TASKING! .. 

I dropped my shoes and I left the craft cos I was like if I don't find something else "I'll die a pauper" .. it's sad but oh! Lord thank God for @Kaffydance. she keeps it alive with so much passion and hard work. We see it now, getting bigger, giving kids out there the hope to making a living from it #DancersLivesMatter The real reason I infuse it into my job as a Hypeman now. Respect Dancers

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