Incredible Art Works You Wont Believe Are Pencil Drawings 

While a lot people are able to produce great works of art, not everyone has the ability to stun the viewer like ultra-realistic pencil drawings can. Its not just about the amazing levels of detail, they actually appear to not be a sketch at all. In fact, they look more like a photographs and its almost impossible to tell that they have been created entirely by pencil.

Take a look at these incredible works below;

1. The Hobbit:

2. Morning Rose:

3. You Are Not Alone

4. Ice Bucket Challenge: This Ice Bucket Challenge picture was based on a photograph of someone covering themselves in ice cold water. Although you would find it difficult to tell the difference between the two, as the artist has captured the movement of the water perfectly.

5. Audi R8: The man behind this picture is said to have been drawing ultra-realistic pictures of motor cars since a very young age and has now perfected his skill to such an extent that he is able to produce artwork like the image above.

6. Wolverine:

7. Tiger:

8. Audrey Hepburn: The man who did this work claims it took more than 30 hours to complete.

Source: The Light Media

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