Justice Ademola Asks Dasuki 'Serious' Questions Then Withdraws From Case

A judge of the Federal High Court, Justice Adeniyi Ademola, has withdrawn from presiding over the trial of Colonel Sambo Dasuki.

It was previously reported that Justice Ademola's house was one of the houses raided by the Department of State Security (DSS), where he was accused of corruption. 

Speaking in court on Tuesday, 18 October, he said:

I am sure you are conversant with what is going on the last seven days. One of the allegations being made against me is that I received some money from Sambo Dasuki. This is the allegation of the SSS.

I thought I should tell the counsel what is being said.
Before I announce my decision, let me ask the defendant (Sambo Dasuki) some questions.
Justice Ademola: Do you know me at all?
Dasuki: Before I came to this court, not at all.
Justice Ademola: Did you at any time give me money?
Dasuki: Not that I am aware of.
Justice Ademola: Did you send your lawyers to give me money‎?
Dasuki: Not at all.
Justice Ademola: Did you give money to any of my relatives‎?
Dasuki: Not at all, maybe the SSS alleging that did.
The judge then announced his withdrawal from the trial.
All the counsels for the two parties agreed with the decision of Justice Ademola for fairness and justice in view of the circumstances.

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