Justin Bieber Walks Out On Fans, Says Concert Goers Should Be Exited Over His Music Not Him 

Justin Bieber thinks he deserves the same respect from concertgoers that Adele gets, and if he doesn't get it there's gonna be trouble.

In a video by TMZ, Justin could be seen walking out on fans during a concert Sunday in Manchester, England. Although he did come back and a lot of people think he's teetering on a nervous breakdown. TMZ says he's doing all of this intentionally.

He does not want to perform at concerts where he's drowned out by screaming fans. He feels his music and message have evolved into adult territory, and thinks if his fans get excited, it should be over his music ... not him.

Reports also say Bieber plans to "train" his fans into shutting up when he sings and talks onstage. He thinks if he walks offstage, they'll learn fast when to vocalize and when not to. Poor Justin seems to know how to deal with stubborn fans like the time he wouldn't let his fans take pictures of him because he felt they were treating him like a selfie made person instead of an actual person who has a life well, it worked.

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