Kanye West Stole My Stage Floating Idea - SA Rapper Kassper Nyovest

South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest and his fans are having a jolly day dragging American superstar, Kanye West on Twitter.

The drama started after Kanye declared at his concert over the weekend that ‘niggas’ were stealing his ideas including the floating stage. The video went viral. Upset, Cassper Nyovest took to his Twitter to call out Kim K's hubby for making claims that aren’t true.

“Africa always gets the short end of the stick from you guys. I did this shit before Kanye. It’s documented,” he said.

Not long after, American blogs hopped on the story, questioning Kanye West’s claims of being a creator. Some also dragged the South African superstar, making derogatory talks about how Kanye did it best.

However, Cassper says he spoke up because of Kanye’s accusatory rant. “Africa is not a jungle,” he reminded the critics.

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