Kehinde Bankole Steps Out In 'No-Make-up', Shares Reactions

Nigerian star actress, Kehinde Bankole, attended a party with no make-up on and she said the people at the party thought there something wrong.

In her post on IG, she said 'it's all good stuff, everything we do, these things we have, but must it define us? No'.

Read her full post below as she also defines beauty:

so i walk in the party, loud music. THEM: are you ok? ME: sure THEM: Kenny is something wrong? ME: no, really am fine THEM: you not wearing makeup? ME: yeah, this is my real face, And I'm happy with it! people are surprised when you don't conform to norms sometimes. Its a party and so many shocked faces wondering if you are in a good mood or your right mind not wearing makeup! It's all good stuff - everything we do, these things we have, but must it define us? No. These things must serve us. Money, cars, glamour, everything must serve us, we must not serve them What is beauty? Beauty is that you are you , No one ever has your unique DNA, Ur kind of slight big nose, ur small ears , ur one raised eyebrow, There is only one of U! And you have just this one life, no other! U can see, speak, think and you're alive. Better be happy with yourself however much or less you have and feel blessed and useful to mankind and yourself. Because like it or not, time and life isint waiting for you to feel better about things, it's counting and moving on! Love you! Be your own crush! #wcw
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