Obsessed Fan Gets Convicted Of Trespassing, Acquitted Of Stalking Kendall Jenner 

 Kendall Jenner’s obsessed fan Shavaughn McKenzie was both convicted and acquitted in his criminal trial says gossip cop.

The split verdict was announced on Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. As Gossip Cop has reported, McKenzie was arrested in August for alleged stalking after approaching Jenner as she drove into her Hollywood Hills driveway. He was later charged with not just misdemeanor stalking, but also misdemeanor trespassing.

The model testified earlier this month that during the encounter, she had “never been so scared in my life.” She also said McKenzie had followed her in the past. At the trial, however, McKenzie’s attorney insisted he meant no harm, and noted he repeatedly told Jenner and, later, the authorities, that he simply wanted to talk to her. The lawyer also accused the prosecution of using Jenner’s fame to score a conviction.

“[The prosecutor] wants you to be star-struck,” McKenzie’s attorney told the jury, which was made up of seven women and five men. A forensic psychologist also testified on McKenzie’s behalf, saying he was mentally ill and delusional. That led him to track down Jenner, said the doctor, as opposed to the fan being motivated by malice.

The jury apparently agreed that McKenzie’s actions didn’t rise to the level of criminal stalking, but still found him guilty of trespassing on Jenner’s property. It’s unclear what sentence he will face. Jenner, who has not commented on the verdict, has a five-year restraining order in place against McKenzie, regardless of today’s decision.

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