Nigerian Gay Activist Counts 30 Days To His Wedding, Says He Would Do 30 Things

Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, known to be the first Nigerian to come out on air to announce his sexual orientation has been both condemned and appraised for his works within and outside Nigeria.

But something else is about to happen...

The gay rights activist took to his IG page to announce that he is about to get married, and he is going to do 30 things as he counts 30 days to his wedding. 

He started the narration of how he appeared on Funmi Iyanda's show and told the world everything, which cost him everything too, but he also 'learnt the power of power of truth and authenticity'.

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On day three, he tells a story that might inspire people with low self esteem to be up and going, and not to be afraid of partaking in your dreams, not watching it happen. 

Day 3 of 30 days of thankfulness of 30 days to my wedding. In 2014, around about this time, a friend sent me an email to a link to a fellowship program. I have applied for a couple before then and I have always been rejected. So when he sent me the form, I looked over it and ignored it. It will be another rejection. Two weeks later, my agent called me and said she saw a fellowship that she thinks will be great for me, it was the same fellowship. I told her I am not interested. She pushed me and I told her they will not pick me as I am not good enough. The following week, I was at Funmi Iyanda's and she told me about the same fellowship and she was like 'I am also a fellow of similar program with same organisation, I can nominate you'. She made me see why I should at least try. So I went home and spent the night filling the form. I sent it to my agent who read it and made some corrections and add more information. She was angry that my low self esteem has made me leave out very important information. We sent the form and waited. A big part of me was waiting but the doubting part of me just kept telling me, get in with life. Few months later, I was in Berlin with my agent when the email came. I couldn't open it. I thought it was rejection, but she did and screamed for job. I have been shortlisted. I was not happy, i felt it was just prolonging my rejection. Few weeks later, I did a Skype interview with the team in DC and few weeks later I received another email. I have been selected. I became a fellow of @aspeninstitute and #aspennewvoices. It was a journey that changed my life. I started having platforms I never thought of in my life. I started having access to people that will look at me and instantly believe in me and want to help me make that dream come true. Through the fellowship, I was trained by @mothstories and then I did #tedxberlin and I have travelled around the world. I have written a lot of articles and became friends with @caitlynjenner and many more. It feels so surreal when I think about it. It is this reason that today, on my 3rd day of thanksfulness, I want to thank the team at Aspen New Voices and my fellow fellows for believing in me.
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