Pregnant 12-Year-Old Brought To Hospital By 40-Year-Old Husband, Who Said She Was His 20-Year-Old Wife 

In East China’s Jiangsu Province a girl was rushed to the hospital by her husband and a woman who claimed to be her mother-in-law. They said that she was three months pregnant and that she needed a routine test to confirm that her foetus was healthy.

The man lied, saying that the girl was 20. He was arrested. The hospital staff claimed that the little girl was around 12-years-old. The girl's identity has not been revealed. 

The local authorities were alerted as soon as the three arrived to the hospital and the staff realized she was a schoolgirl rather than a woman. When the doctors tried to question the girl they realized she didn't speak Mandarin.  

Someone at the hospital said: 

It’s obvious she is just a child, and certainly not anywhere near 20 years old.

That suspicion apparently angered the husband, who was quoted as saying: 

I took her here to be examined – just do your job. Stop asking so many questions.

Police officers found that the girl didn't have a Chinese ID and concluded that she was a foreign national from Southeast Asia. Investigators suspect that she was abducted or bought as a foreign girl-bride, probably from Vietnam, which is unfortunately quite a common practice among the Chinese.

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