President Buhari To Sack Top Aides Following Indictment In Arm Procurement Probe 

Two top officials serving in the current administration are facing imminent sack by President Buhari following their indictment in the final report of the arms procurement probe.

The 13-man Presidential Committee on the Audit of Defence Equipment Procurement in the Nigerian Armed Forces (2007-2015) had submitted its final report to Buhari on Sunday, October 23. The New telegraph, citing highly placed sources, reports that the president is under intense pressure dismiss the his senior appointees found wanting in the final probe report.

The pressure on Buhari to fire the officials is to avoid undermining his zero tolerance for corruption as allowing such officials serve under his administration could run contrary to the president’s commitment to fight corruption. Those familiar with the investigation are displeased with the way and manner public funds meant for arms procurement were alleged to have been mindlessly diverted or misapplied, as the case may be.

Further to the indicted senior officials, it is most likely that Mr. President will excuse two top officials of his government. “Don’t forget that his avowed commitment to the ongoing anti-corruption fight, is total. The president would not shield anybody from investigation and prosecution, no matter whose ox is gored.  

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