Read Why This Nigerian Policeman Strips Himself Naked 

It was a really funny scenerio for onlookers as an inconvenient display of nudity by a bribe-seeking policeman happened in Lagos on Thursday, October 27.

The policeman simply identified as Ogogor had arrested a lady for allegedly violating traffic rules then asked her to bail herself with N30,000 or risk paying N50,000 if he dragged her to the police station.

The lady then played a fast one on the not-so-smart bribe-seeking cop. She asked him to follow her to an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at a branch of the United Bank of Africa (UBA) in Surulere, and he did!

Seeing that the policeman fell for her trick, the lady sent a text message to a friend who contacted the Lagos state police commissioner who then sent a team of policemen to the bank.

On seeing his colleagues who had come to arrest him, Ogogor did the amazing: he ran under a vehicle parked within the bank premises but was dragged out.

Seeing that there was no way to escape, Ogogor devised another plan. He began to tear his uniform.

“He striped to his pant to avoid being arrested but some area boys came to assist the policemen who came from the CP’s office to effect the arrest and they dragged him into the police van,” a source at the bank told The Nation.

The bribe-seeking policeman was subsequently taken to the X-Squad unit at the police command, where he was detained ahead of an orderly room trial.

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