Ten Times Fela, Jidenna Took African Prints To The Next Level

African prints are beautiful but until recently a lot of young people would rather be seen on jeans and shirts of foreign fabrics because they felt embarrassed wearing indigenous outfits. Well, going back in time, one of Nigerians greatest musicians, Fela, the abami ede, who is celebrated all around the world today, used to just nail it with African prints.With his own unique style, mixing up the prints and making a statement with it.

In this present time when African prints have taken a new turn and everyone is going after having one or two nicely sewn African styles in their wardrobe, one celeb, stands out big time, even though he is not in Nigeria, Jidenna always represents, killing the  looks with his Ankara all the way. Lets take a look at the times these artists have nailed it with their African prints

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