Uber Drivers In Abuja To Go On Strike Today 

According to techcabal, Uber drivers in Abuja will be going on strike today following what seems to be a series of problems with the company. For a while now, the Abuja Partner Forum has been trying to get Uber to take note of some issues that have been affecting both drivers and partners in the city.

Techcabal reports that according Gbenro Ogundipe, an Uber Partner in Abuja, there have been reports of drivers getting robbed by riders, rides not being properly documented (so drivers earn less than what they’re due), amongst other issues. As a result, the Forum sent a couple of mails to Uber, and these mails were, for some reason, being replied by Uber’s SA branch. This sort of indicates that that the guys over there had almost no idea of what was going on, and could offer little help.

Eventually, mails to Uber started getting bounced and the Forum had to reach Uber via chat on the main site. A meeting with the Uber management team was held in June, and some of the prevailing issues were raised. It was then agreed that the team would meet with the partners every month so they could come up with solutions – they haven’t met since June.

Three weeks ago, it was reported that the Partners, again, reached out to Uber, requesting for a meeting. Some of their demands, in response to the issues, were given as:

Rider identity verification through valid and matching credit/debit cards, due to security concerns.

Detailed explanation of completion rate calculation, and inclusion of completion rates in app/dashboard. Increased rider education through the app.

Requirements for destinations to be entered by riders before they can make requests, so the rider is clear on fare estimate before trip.

Penalties for long waits after driver arrival at pickup location.

Increase in per minute rates to N30/min. Base fare increase to N300 (from N220).

Airport fare increase to N4000 (from N3000) and inclusion of N400 toll.

Removal of peak hour conditions for high flier incentives.

Rounding up of fares to the nearest N50.

24-hour limit to rider rating the driver.

Clearer procedures for reporting and resolving issues.

The Partners were then reportedly asked to fill out a form, which they assumed would be used to plan the next meeting. Over 150 people filled that form, but there has been no response from Uber since then, the blog says. And this is the reason why Uber Partners and drivers in Abuja have decided to take action.

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