UK's Most Wanted Suspect And Cousin Of Former Player Steven Gerrard Turns Himself In

Suspected drug dealer Robert Gerrard, 53, felt the "pressure of being on the run had got too much for him", according to authorities sky news says.

Gerrard, who is said to be a second cousin of the ex-Liverpool player, negotiated his handover through solicitors with National Crime Agency (NCA) officers at Central Park Police Station in Manchester. He has been arrested and charged with conspiracy to import cocaine in a £60m drugs plot. Gerrard is also said to be the third Most Wanted fugitive arrested in less than a week after suspected paedophile Matthew Sammon and convicted rapist, Mohammed Alam, 33, were detained in Spain.

Gerrard was featured in Operation Captura, a campaign to capture Britain's most wanted criminals, many of whom live on the Costa Del Sol. It was reported that he achieved notoriety through a list for Operation Return in the Netherlands in which the NCA appealed for help in finding him after a raid on a cafe in Rotterdam in October 2013.

Cafe de Ketel was being used as a front for international drugs traffickers, where entry was via a buzzer system and to recognised faces only. It provided a meeting place allowing criminals to negotiate with international drug cartel members to arrange to pay for and transport drugs.

NCA officers were unable to find Gerrard at the time but believed he used the cafe to plan for imports of cocaine into the UK.

The NCA's Greg McKenna was quoted as saying: "Robert Gerrard handing himself in shows the impact we are having with our most wanted campaigns. Three arrests in under a week is a tremendous result. "We don't know at this stage how long Gerrard has been back in the UK for, but he told our officers that the pressure of being on the run had got too much for him.

"The fugitives on our most wanted list really do have nowhere to hide. I would urge any of the remaining ones to take note - save yourself the trouble and hand yourself in because we will never stop hunting you and you will face justice." Gerrard appeared at Manchester Magistrates Court on Wednesday afternoon and was remanded in custody until 23 November.

Source: Sky news

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