Watch Amazing Moments As Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton Engage In 2nd Fierce Debate [VIDEO]

The second presidential debate between contenders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has finally come to an end and the world is still feeling the explosive attacks the candidates dealt each other.

Only days ago, Trump faced the wrath of Americans after a 2005 video, in which he bragged about groping women, emerged. There were calls for him to step down but Trump declared that he will never back down.

Trump came on strong in last night’s debate, without failing to attack Hillary Clinton as he responded or avoided questions about his tax records, policy ideas, treatment of women and previous comments about Muslims and immigrants.

Hillary Clinton too addressed questions about her foreign policies as Secretary of State and her controversial email question. At the same time calmly deflating Trump’s personal attacks, like his comment about her having ‘hatred in her heart’.

At the end of the debate – organised for undecided voters, an audience member asked that both candidates say something positive about each other. While Clinton complimented Trump’s children, the billionaire called her a ‘fighter’ who never gives up.

Various media houses are running polls on who viewers feel won last night’s debate. While results are being pulled in, you can check out the full video of the debate below:

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