Windows 10 Set To Roll Out New Update "Creator's Update"

Even though the Surface line of convertible PCs has made Microsoft a hardware contender, its world still revolves around Windows 10.

At today's event, the company has revealed a lot of details about the next Windows 10 release, dubbed the "Creator's Update."

That all starts with a new version of Paint that's far from the original version used by millions to do their first digital doodles.

Rather allows you to scan objects from the real world and bring them into a 3D environment, says Microsoft's Meghan Saunders.

"If we want to make 3D creation for everyone.

It has to be as easy as taking a photo," Saunders says. As such, the new app lets you scan real objects and get them into Paint as a full 3D object.

She showed off the new Capture 3D tool, by walking slowly around a sand castle model with a smartphone and capturing it in full 3D.

There's also a new Community pane that allows you to find and pull in creations from other users.

During the demo, Saunders pulled in a 3D cloud created by another user, and used it in montage featuring her daughters.

She was able to then transform that into a complete 3D object and, naturally, share the whole thing on Facebook.

The creations can also be viewed in 360 degrees from Microsoft's Hololens AR headset, and naturally, as this is Microsoft, they can be used in PowerPoint.

Talking about the Hololens, Microsoft also showed off a new app called HoloTour, an app that lets you explore and interact with places and cities around the world.

Though built for the Hololens, it also works with regular VR headsets.

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