How about going as far as beheading a rival simply because you want to prove to your partner that you love her?

16-Year Old Beheads Rival To Prove Love For His Girlfriend 

According to Daily Mail, a 16-year-old Russian teenager went as far as severing the head of his rival to prove to his girlfriend that he is the only man for her.

Nikita Rasskazov is alleged to have beheaded 19-year-old Artyom Shustov after confronting him about trying to ask his girlfriend Olena Matsneva out. The unfortunate incident happened after the Russian teens agreed to meet in a park to talk about the rivalry, and then an argument ensued. Nikita reportedly took a kitchen knife out of his backpack, stabbed Shustov twice and then cut off his head.

The victim was said to still be alive when the suspect beheaded him. After the horrific act, the suspect put the head in a bin bag and kept it in his backpack. He then returned home, hid his bloodstained clothes in his wardrobe and took a shower before going to bed.

The following day the alleged murderer went to his girlfriend and told her about the killing, showing her the severed head. According to police, who say the 16-year-old later confessed to the beheading in a formal statement, the suspect wanted to bring the head to his beloved Olena to ‘prove his love in this way.’

After showing her the head, the suspect tried to hide it by loading his backpack with rocks and throwing it in a river.

The 16 year old has been detained and will be charged to court while the Investigative Committee, Russia’s equivalent to the FBI, confirmed a murder investigation has been launched.

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