Grass To Grace: Ali Baba Gives Us Words Of Wisdom (Read)

Renowned Nigerian comedian and host, Ali Baba, inspires us with words that would make us use our skills judiciously and patiently, such that a legacy would be made.

He gives us examples of people who have left their professional ventures and used their skills to make a name for themselves.

Read his post below:

There is a new understanding that the core professions may not be the benchmark of the future. The truth is that it has always been so. We as humans, just failed or refused to admit the obvious. The paintings, masterpieces of art, books and creative recordings that have become iconic items in our human history, did not come from lawyers, medical doctors, dentists, politicians or astronauts. They could have. But they didn't. To each his kind. We were all given talents. The application of those talents are what becomes our contribution to the total sum of the society. Every now and then we are made to realize how important each occupation is. You suddenly realize that your PHD in Economics is no match to The skills of a surgeon who is bent over you trying to keep you alive. Just as we realize that the kind of money, a blogger makes in a day, is much more than what some lawyers or doctors can earn as salary for a year. Back in the days, I still recall how downcast my dad was because I told him I was not planning to become a lawyer. He, my dad, like most people in his generation, were limited by experience and expectations. He thought, no, he believed, that as a lawyer, there were several occupational opportunities that were available to me. Just look at@falzthebahdguy. Lawyer ko, lawnmower ni! He would have needed to work for like 15 year or less to get the accolades he has now as a lawyer. The world has changed. But it was not any different from then. I still refer to my first N1.6m Cheque from #Satzenbrau in 1995. There were Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors... who had not smelt that amount then. Today, it's the same story. Let us wake up to value propositions. What's your ability bringing to the table? That's the koko. The reason we still have a pigeonhole view of occupations is because we have governments that limited opportunities because of failure to create enabling environments that will employ those skills and only think in political values instead of economical dynamics. From farming, IT, entertainment, sports, fashion, tourism, to communication... we can't be unemployed! Let GOVT just activate the environment with policies. But first, educate the people


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