I Can't Resist My Brother's Seductions I

Hello everyone, my name is Shade and this is my story.

My younger brother, Yemi, and I are very close to each other. He used to be very naughty when he was quite young, and always received lashes from our parents.

I was his comfort zone at that time, because dad and mum sometimes got me upset too, but I didn’t allow him go scot free when he stepped on my toes. 

Anytime he was beaten late at night, he would run into my room and ask that he sleeps in my room for the night. So, as we grew older, we became quite close and are even closer today.

Yemi kept telling everyone in school and in the area, that he has the best sister in the world, and sometimes, the gossip would get to me. 

As we grew older, we became very intimate. Then…

About three years ago, Yemi was in the University and I lived not too far, off campus. He was 19 and I was 23. 

I work for an IT company and I was sent to speak at a seminar organised for the students in Yemi's school.

So, I decided to stay with him through the two days I was supposed to speak at the Seminar. He was elated as we hadn’t seen each other in seven months since he gained admission. 

He had given me the key before then, so I went straight to his apartment and got in. I observed he was having his bath and singing the popular ‘Pana’ song. I dropped my stuff in the room and got into the kitchen to prepare some food. 

I was waiting by the window with a spoon in my hand when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around. He was cleaning water off his head with a towel and so didn’t notice I was there, as his face was covered. 

He was completely naked. I inhaled loudly, and that startled him. He pulled the towel off his head and looked at me in complete amazement. 

“Hey Shadee, when you get in?” He liked calling me Shadee.

“Some minutes ago” I replied admiring the bulky banana dangling between his legs. 

It is long and looks beautiful. 

Yemi then realized he was naked and quickly covered himself. 

“So, you have now grown and can’t hug your sis anymore?” I asked.

“Not that jare. Let me get dressed. Seeing you surprised me”.

“Don’t worry Yemi, I should be able to survive the hug the way you are”. I stepped closer and hugged him, he returned a manly hug, indications that he had really grown. 

The towel dropped and I felt his banana pressing against my leg. I kissed him, then moved back, still holding him, to take a good look at him. 

“You have grown oo. Just within a few months in school”.

He blushed and replied. “Ahah, you don’t want me to grow ni? Anyway thanks. Now can I go put something on?”

“You can. But I don’t mind you walking around naked” I said, still admiring his weapon. 

“You are indeed in great shape. Or have you started working out?”

“No, I just play football. Sometimes, lawn tennis”. He bent to pick his towel and wrapped it around his waist. 

I checked what I was cooking and asked him if he was interested.

“Yeah, just a little. Let me savour your good food again. We can go out later. There’s a place I usually hang out”. 

He went into the room and after I switched off the gas, I joined him. 

“You would sleep here, I would handle the mosquitoes in the sitting room later”. He said. He was about removing the towel when he remembered I was still there. 

“Shadee excuse me joor, let me get dressed”. 


“Seriously?” He asked looking into my eyes if I was really serious.

His manhood was getting hard at that moment. I knew because that’s where my attention was. I couldn’t take it anymore and I said.

“Your hmmhun has really grown. I remember when you were younger”.

“Stop it Shadee. You’re my sis for God’s sake”.


“Ahah! are you thinking of something with me or what?”

“No. Am just admiring your penis, just like you strip a well-endowed girl naked with your eyes”. 

Yemi laughed and began dressing up. 

“I think that’s different. They aren’t family. And I don’t even admire girls that dress half naked”. 

“But am sure you strip those girls you admire naked. Are you even telling me if you get a chance to see an endowed girl, you would look away?”

“Who no like better thing?”

“Exactly what am talking about. I got a chance to admire a nude male and I looked. Don’t fuss about it. Remember, I have seen you naked before”. 

“That’s when I was younger”. 

“Are you now an old man?” the only difference is the bigger penis and somewhat muscular body”. 

“If you weren’t my sister I would understand you were toasting me already. I don’t mind eating now”. 

We ate and went out later in the evening. By the time we got back home, it was already 10pm. 

“What time is your seminar?” Yemi asked, already picking a pillow to take to the sitting room.

“It should start at 9:00am, but they might start their African time crap. What time do you have classes?”

“The first lecture is 8:00am. So, I would leave by past 7:00 or so. But, I might get back late. I have assignments to finish and we doing a group discussion in school”. He said the second sentence open eyed and quick. 

“I am not sleepy yet. Let’s talk about how school has been jare”. 

“Been waiting for you to say that. Been a while you know”. 

He lay on the bed and moved closely to me and said, “all those childhood memories just rushed back”. 

“I love you Yemi”.

“I Love you Shadee”. 

I kissed him and after hugging each other, we got talking. 

“So, tell me about your escapades Yemi”. 

“Escapades? Nothing like that. No time jare. I have to start this year with A’s, otherwise, I would regret coming to school at all”. 

“Yeah, I know that. But, you should relate with the opposite sex now. Anyway, you understand why it’s not yet time”. 

“Thank you for not dragging that issue. My friends in school are saying am planning to graduate with 4-0, which is not a good idea”. 

I laughed hard. 

“I actually told them maybe I would score two goals”. He was facing the ceiling but turned and faced me. “Shadee, tell me about work now”. 

“Well… it’s an interesting job with good pay, but sometimes you have to work more than hard and that’s not exactly what I want”.

“Then… it seems you also work out. Stand up let me take a look at my darling sis”.
I got up, and stood before him. Turning around to give him a good look.

“You know guys don’t want fat girls anymore. They only admire them outside. In the bedroom, the admiration ends. Besides, I need to keep my tummy flat”. 

He smiled and said, “nice one. To be frank with you, now that you have seen me naked, I wouldn’t mind having a look at you naked”. 

With joy in my heart, “I would think about it”. 

We chatted for a while, then I was feeling sleepy. 

“Yemi, let’s sleep jare. Hope you set an alarm?”

“Yeah, but for 6:30”. 


He was about to go to the sitting room and I asked him to stay as the bed was big enough for two. He skeptically did. 

I took out my nightdress which was obviously hides nothing, although I hesitated as I was not in my own place, but I took out an underwear and wore it.

I got into the bathroom to wash out the make-up on my face and when I got back, Yemi had also removed everything except his boxer shorts. 

I noticed a slight bulge in the boxers, and could see the outline of his banana as he lay down facing up. I also noticed my nipples getting hard thinking about his penis which I had broadly seen earlier. I only smiled and joined him on the bed. 

“I noticed you have grown into a lady”.

“What do you mean”. I asked surprisingly.

“I asked you to allow me see you naked and you showed me without even knowing”. 

I never knew he was looking. He turned to me again and smiled, and I said, “now we are even”. 

“No, we are not. I was naked. There was a little clothing on you when I saw what I saw. So, if you want evenness take everything off, let me admire too”.

“Are you daring me?”

“Is that your definition?”

I pulled off the nightdress and stood before him. Yemi’s mouth fell open, and his eyes bulged out, staring at my breast. I felt a shiver as he surveyed all the ‘important’ parts, although my crotch was still covered. Seemed he hadn’t seen a naked lady before. 

“Satisfied?” I asked smiling. 

Licking his lips, he said. “This is very nice”. His eyes still on my breasts. 

“I would never have guessed that you can be this perfectly shaped”.

“Thanks, Yemi. I like my figure too”. 

“So do I”. Yemi said. He inconspicuously adjusted his manhood that was already aroused but I noticed. 

"Don't bother. I already saw it. You are hard, aren't you?"

"I am Shadee. I shouldn't react like this. You are my sister."

I took his hand in mine, and said, "Don't feel bad. Don't you see that I am also reacting to you?" I placed his hand against my breast, pressing it into the hardened nipple.
"Please, Shadee. Don't do that," He stammered, but his hand stayed on my breast. I put my arm around his neck and pulled his head toward me. I kissed him lightly on the lips and said, "It is natural to react to a naked body, Yemi. In fact, get your shorts off, let me see that hard thing in there”.

To be continued…

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