I Can't Resist My Brother's Seductions II

If you missed the first episode, read here:

Yemi looked at me pleadingly, struggling between arousal and the guilt of incest. I pulled him into my arms and pleased my breast against his chest, my pelvis feeling his ‘awakening’.  
His body was as stiff as his pole, and smacking him on his face, I moved away. Removing the remaining clothing on my body, I said, “Now. Take it off. Let’s both be naked. Then we will be even”.

Yemi hesitated. “Am not sure about this sis”. He eyes fixed on the bush between my legs. I grabbed the rope holding his shorts, yanking his shorts down and away. Helplessly, he knelt on the floor, put his arms around my waist and drew me closer. Gently, he kissed me on the navel and caressed my butt.

“You are both beautiful and sexy sis. Please forgive me for reacting this way to you”.
He was almost crying, so I knelt on the carpet too and took his face in my hands.

“Yemi, my sweet brother. There is no shame in nudity, and there is no shame in admitting your reaction to the opposite sex. It’s natural, regardless of the fact that you are my brother. And when you love someone, like we love each other, there is no reason to be guilty.

Your arousal is coming from seeing a beautiful female body, just as I aroused by your handsome male body”.

His eyes were already filled with tears, but he said, “But what good is that going to do? It’s not like we are lovers”.

“I understand, Yemi. But why do you deprive yourself of the pleasure of seeing a naked woman whom you love very much? We have been so close all our lives. Remember, you even used to sleep with me in my bed many times?"

"But Shadee, that was a long time ago. I was only eight or ten".

"No. You used to sleep with me till you were about fifteen. Don't you think I could feel you growing up when you used to cuddle up to me at night?"

I insist that was a while ago. We were young then”.

“Common Yemi! You think I didn’t know that you usually played with your penis those times, and I would feel the rock-hard banana on my back sometimes?”

“Why didn’t you react then?”

“Do you know why?"


"Because I knew you were trying to learn about your growing sexuality, and it was safe to do it with me. I was also curious at first what you were doing that caused the bed to shake so much. So, one time I watched you."

“Haaa, Shadee. I feel so guilty”. He said looking away. His eyes filled with tears. I pulled him in my arms and caressed his head.

“Yemi, I don’t like that you feel so sad. I am your sister, you can talk to me. Don’t you think I would understand?”

He pressed harder towards me and said, “I know what you mean, but it is hard now. You are my sister”.

“See, let’s forget all that. At least, it hasn’t stopped your body from reacting to mine. Look how hard you are now”.

I reached down and played with his banana. “It’s quite smooth and nice to play with. Let me help you get around this”.

“Are you sure about this?” He tried to move away.

Am very sure, because I love you Yemi. Now relax and enjoy the ride”. I pushed him on the floor and straddled his legs. Bending forward, I kissed his ‘cassava’, and rolled it in my hand, squeezing the fat long thing in my hand.

He moaned and closed his eyes. He resigned to all that was happening. I smiled, knowing he wanted it. My heart was filled with love for him. I gently massaged it, then kissed the tip.

Yemi began to feel like he was in paradise. I watched his balls contract as he got closer to orgasm. He was moaning loudly now, and began lifting himself off the floor against my pumping hand.

I got off his legs, and knelt beside him, resting my head on his flat tummy. I watched the throbbing shaft as it jerked in my hands. He groaned this time, and thrust sharply upwards.

I watched as the milkfish substance splashed everywhere and I got some in my face. It happened so fast that I couldn’t take cover. It was sticky and slippery and continued as his ‘rage’ dwindled.

He gave a long sigh of relief, and got up.

“Shadee. I never came so hard before. Thanks. I love you”.

I hugged him, and kissed him on the lips. He wrapped his arms around me, and gently swung me around, and pushed me down on the carpet. He kissed me back, as his hand reached for my breast.

"Let me return the favour, sis."

“I don’t mind that bro”.

Yemi smiled and pinched my nipple hard. I winced, and said, "No rough stuff, brother. I don't like pain."

"Sorry. I will be gentle. I love you so much, that I want to treat you like a beautiful, delicate rose." His guilt had flown away.

To be continued…

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