I Can't Resist My Brother's Seductions III

In case you missed episode I or II, check it out below:

Episode three continues...

Yemi got busy right away. He started caressing my whole body. Playing with everything he could. Once in a while, he would come up and kiss me. When he did that again, I grabbed his head and kissed him back, forcing my tongue between his lips.

We kissed each other deeply. It was like fire passing through my veins. He tasted so wonderful and erotic, that I felt it in my spine. We held each other tightly, smothering each other with repeated, deep kisses like two lovers in heat.

Yemi broke off the kiss, and said, “Oh, Shadee. Did you know I have dreamed about this often? I could never admit it to myself, but since I became aware of my sexuality, I have wanted to be with you like this. I knew you would taste so sweet like nothing else in the world, and now I have tasted that sweetness. I love you much sis”.

I grabbed him closer to me and said, “I know Yemi. I have always known that you wanted me”.

“I didn’t realize that was obvious”.

“It was. Now stop the chit chat and get busy, my sweetheart”.

“I thought you were already tired”. He showed his excitement, and immediately slid between my legs. I opened for him.

“Get ready for the most erotic pleasure of your life”.

The pleasure was becoming too good and I said, “Yemi, wow, don’t stop”.

After a while, I screamed, and bucked as waves of orgasm swept through my body. The orgasm kept coming like tidal waves and finally, I went limp and collapsed, gasping desperately for breath.

Yemi pulled back and sat between my legs. He kept admiring my body and smiling.

“How was that, sis? Yemi asked, stretching alongside me, putting his arms around me.

“Heavenly, darling. You were great. I never came so hard in my entire life on a bed. You have PHD in bedmatics!”

“I’m glad I could return the favour. I’ve thought about it for years. Thanks for letting me do it”.

We hugged and lay there on the carpet, our naked bodies entwined in the loving embrace. After several minutes, Yemi got up and grabbed his shorts.

“Time to sleep, sis. Remember we have work to do tomorrow?”

He helped me up and handed me my nightdress, then said, “You better get some sleep”. He slapped me playfully on my butt and held me towards the bed.

The next morning, I woke up feeling lightheaded, and my whole body was relaxed and peaceful. I had my bath and got dressed for the seminar. When I came out, Yemi was already in the kitchen, making breakfast. He was still in his shorts. I sneaked up behind him, and reaching around, grabbed his heavy banana.

“That’s my good morning to you”.

“Morning sis, hope you slept well?”

“Thanks to you I had the most memorable sleep”.

“Hmm.. now sit, let me get you breakfast”.

Yemi stayed in the bedroom while I gulped a meal I never knew Yemi could prepare. Soon, we were both ready. He accompanied me to the venue of the seminar and went for his classes.

As already known, I got back a long time before him. But he said he cut short his time in school to be with me. However, there was an awkward silence between us when we sat in the sitting room. He broke the silence.

“Listen, Shadee. I’ve been thinking about what happened last night. It was the most beautiful experience for me. How about you?”

“For me too. Are you feeling guilty about it?”

“Surprisingly, no. What you said last night started making so much sense to me as I thought about it during the day. I realized I was missing out on a beautiful aspect of love, which is trust, care and genuine affection for the other person. The intimacy is the ultimate token of this feeling of oneness where nothing else matters except love in our hearts.”

“Yemi, you have now learnt how to give speeches and motivational lines? Anyway, let me add, I love you”.

“Me too, my darling sister. I’ll love you forever”.

He took me in his arms and we held each other. It felt good. He came close to my face and kissed me lightly on the neck.

“What do you want to do tonight?”

“I don’t know what can top last night. Any plans?”

“Wait oo, I was asking about dinner”. He laughed.

“Oh! You pick the place, but the bill on me”.

After a leisurely dinner, we got back to the apartment. I was feeling a bit tired. I leaned on Yemi as we got in to the apartment, and collapsed as were finally in.

Yemi changed, and then brought a towel, and throw it across my face.

“Come on Shadee, change and go to bed. It’s almost 11 pm”.

“Help me up, Yemi. I feel so tired”.

I stumbled into the bedroom and managed to get undressed. I walked into the bathroom and asked Yemi to join me. “You also take a bath before bed, right?”

“Yes,” he replied without looking from where he was. Then he looked and saw me stark naked. I intentionally left the door open. His eyes roamed all over me, and then rested on my face.

“You want both of us in the bathroom together?”

“Remember we did that when we were children”.

“Are you sure? Don’t blame for what happens because you are already turning me on standing like that”.

“Super story. Common get in here”. I said.

Yemi quickly undressed and joined me. We began soaping each other and scrubbing each other’s backs. Yemi reached out and grabbed my breasts, at the same time pressing himself against my body.

“Hold me like this, Yemi. It feels good.”

To be continued…

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