I Will Be Paid $1 As The US President Instead Of The 400K - Donald Trump

The billionaire businessman now US President-elect, Donald Trump has vowed not to take the $400,000 salary when he resumes office in January. He will be paid just $1-a-year to be President of the United States, he has revealed.

The billionaire businessman will not take the $400,000 salary when he takes office in January.

Instead, he will take a nominal $1 as required by law.

In his first interview since his shock election win, Trump granted  CBS News a 60 minutes interview

During the interview, Trump was grilled on a wide range of issues, many of which he had been outspoken on during his controversial campaign.

Trump also revealed he planned to "immediately" deport three million illegal immigrants with criminal records as soon as he entered the White House in January.

But he did not elaborate on his plans for the remaining nine or 10 million undocumented immigrants estimated to be in the country.

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