Let's Treat Others The Way We Want To Be Treated - Kate Henshaw (Read)

Posting the photo above, Nigerian star actress, Kate Henshaw, took to her IG page to give us Friday's nugget.

She insists that we handle our words carefully so as not to hurt the feelings of others. Adding some spiritual spice to her words, she says, we are far from righteous and therefore, have no right to judge others.

Her words on IG:

I'll just let this sit in your mind for some seconds.. whether it's in your gossip monologue, gossip camouflaged as concern , comment on a post/ blog left to spite but coded as interest.. Article written to break but coded as journalism.. let's all just know we will answer for breaking anyone's spirit.. let's all treat others the way we want to be treated. Handle your words with care.. you are far from perfect so please refrain from judging. Even you .. the self-righteous who gather in prayer meetings and say you want to pray " for that sister/brother who is "in sin" so you table the persons business and in the most subtle but condescending manner itemize the persons flaws .. the gist will be "sweeting" you so you keep going till you forget that the purpose was to pray. To help someone you don't need to share in public what they told you in confidence. Stop it! Just me passing through reminding you that you ain't Sleek.. you ain't perfect.. before you share in judgement.. remember that! Hope that helps / saves someone !

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