Man Writes Will, Making Everyone In His Village A Millionaire

You haven't heard of Cerezales del Condado right?

Well.. residents in the village are now millionaires and if they invest well, they would remain multi-millionaires. 

80 residents in the Spanish village of Condado have just been made millionaires courtesy of Antonino Fernández, the billionaire founder of Corona, who gifted everyone in the village roughly £2 million in his will after dying in August, aged 99.

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Fernández grew up in poverty in the village from 1917 as the eleventh of 13 children and was forced to leave school aged 14.

Emigrating to Mexico, at age 32, in 1949 he went on to become the CEO of Grupo Modelo, the brewery company which makes Corona beer.
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According to the Mail Online, he left around £168 million to the residents of the village of his birth and it now also using the money to build a cultural centre.

Maximino Sanchez, who runs its bar, said:

‘We never had any pesete (money) before. I don’t know, what we would have done without Antonino.’

Corona Extra is the second most imported bottled beer in the United States, with annual sales of £556million.

The billionaire was well-known for his philanthropy in Spain and did a lot of work to support disabled young people.

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